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Business Systems – Finding Your Value

By Darlene Hull It’s important in business to know exactly what value you bring to the market so you can charge what you’re worth.  It’s not always easy to figure out what that magic number is, however.  Most small businesses tend to either seriously undersell or assume a high value that they can’t substantiate.  So… Read more »

Business Systems – Cash Flow

By Darlene Hull When we discussed different business models we discussed it in general terms. What we need to discuss now, is how to take those models and create a specific revenue model with them that insures cash flow.  Lack of cash flow is the fastest way to shut down your business or get you… Read more »

Business Systems – What’s Your Business Model?

By Darlene Hull When you start out in a new business you have to be clear on your business model. Ideally you have several different distribution channels that you use to share your product or service. For example, perhaps you’re a coach. When people start a coaching business they usually have a personal, one-to-one business… Read more »

Business Pitfalls 7- No Follow Up

By Darlene Hull Do you follow up with the people you meet? Do you continue to follow up with someone even after they said no? Do you realize that 80% of sales are made on the 5th to 12th contact? If you’re not connecting with your prospective client at least that many times, you’re simply… Read more »

Business Pitfalls 6 – The Deadly Pit of Barter

By Darlene Hull As start ups we often offer to barter our services. We did this quite a bit last year and it nearly killed us. Here’s why: If everyone’s bartering, no one’s getting paid. If you’re not getting paid, you’re not able to hire help. If you can’t hire help you’re doing all the… Read more »

Business Pitfall 5 – No Passive Residual Income Built In

By Darlene Hull Many entrepreneurial businesses don’t have a passive, residual income option. This can be hazardous to your health. If you were, for some reason, unable to work, you need to know income would continue to come in even without you being in your office. There’s almost always a way to create passive, residual… Read more »

Business Pitfall 4 – Not Having Policies and Procedures

By Darlene Hull Writing down your Policies and Procedures sound about as exciting as watching toast crumble.  However, this tip is going to help to free you up in your business on the one hand, and enable you to create business-wide consistency on the other. You need to sit down and establish your policies and… Read more »

Business Pitfalls 3 – Not Tracking Your Numbers

By Darlene Hull Today we’re going to learn about business analytics: what you need to track, and how to do that easily. Keeping on top of your business analytics – learning to track the numbers – will help you create and predict your bottom line. What’s your conversion rate? If you talk to 10 people,… Read more »

Business Pitfalls 2 – Getting Locked In to Business Services

By Darlene Hull As a new business owner, make sure you’re not getting locked in to unnecessary business services. There are dozens of people out there willing to take your money. Website developers and marketers can be some of the worst for scamming you out of money (yes, I know, I’m a marketer. Many of… Read more »

Business Pitfalls 1: too much output before there’s sufficient input!

By Darlene Hull Today’s post is going to help you curb those business start up costs without costing you business. So, why is a social media site posting about business set up and such?  Because social media needs to happen in context.  You can’t just decide to set up a Facebook page and expect the… Read more »