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It’s Not JUST About the Numbers

The ad screams out “Get 100,000 followers on Facebook!” or you can pay someone on to get you 1000 Twitter followers in 24 hours. If you’re in MLM you are usually told to “work the numbers” – in other words, the more people you talk to the better. One one hand, this is good… Read more »

Too Poor and Stressed to Build a Business?

Sometimes when you’re building an MLM/home party business, you come across someone with all the characteristics you need – focus, determination, disicpline, good work ethic – but without the necessary resources to start a business. Unfortunately, these are often the people who most need the business opportunity, and have what it takes to succeed –… Read more »

The deadly plague of MLM marketers (and how to avoid becoming one!)

Ok, I’m sorry. I just have to vent. It was 6:30 am. I was busy at my desk getting my morning marketing tasks finished when a Facebook chat box opened up on my computer with the words “Click this Link:” (not the real link). I looked to see who posted it. It was someone… Read more »