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Increase Your Income with a Professional Headshot

I have the opportunity this week of training a group of General Managers for in the art of LinkedIn for building their business.  It’s going to be fun – they seem like a great bunch of people! Training others is always a good thing for me because it makes me take a closer look… Read more »

I Love Mondays!

It’s Monday. I love Mondays! I love the quiet of an early, undisturbed Monday morning where I can gather my wits about me, get myself grounded, check out what’s coming up and get prepared. I love a fresh week, brand new with no mistakes (yet!)  I love the work I do, the challenges I’ll face,… Read more »

Doing the REAL Work

My 7 Day Blogging Challenge is over, and so I’m wanting to get a good blogging rhythm started before the momentum disappears.  My goal with this blog is to write 3x a week.  On Mondays I’m going to try something a little more motivational, on Wednesdays I want to give you practical how-to’s and on… Read more »

What Revolution Will I Lead?

Talk about going out with a BANG!  My 7 day blogging challenge ends today with the question “What Revolution Will I Lead?”  That’s a big question, and I’m not sure I can really answer it that clearly. I’m not sure I’ve ever thought about my life in terms of leading a revolution! As far as… Read more »

What Difference Do I Want to Make?

This is the question from today ‘s blogging challenge. This is a little difficult to answer in the context of my whole, personal life, but in my business life, it’s easy – I want to be able to offer products, support, and content that will help YOU make a difference with what you’re called to do. The… Read more »