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11 reasons why YOU should be using Social Media – Part 2

Continuing on from last Monday‘s post… 6. Referrals: Social media done well VASTLY improves the possibility of word-of-mouth referrals. If someone enjoys a great dinner at a restaurant, chances are, they’ll post it on their Social Media sites. If someone else has also enjoyed that restaurant, they may start discussing menu items or other experiences…. Read more »

11 reasons why YOU should be using Social Media – Part 1

Why, exactly, should you care about Social Media for your business? 1.The Electronic Generation : The current population lives online through smart phones and other online devices. According to to a report by David Luu, published in December of 2009: Last year, mobile phone ownership exceeded four billion users – which equates to nearly 60%… Read more »

How to Set Up Social Media for your Small Business

Total Social Media Newbie? Confused about how to actually get started setting up a social media platform?  What order should you do it in?  What sites should you include? Every business is different, but there are some general principles for getting started in Social Media Marketing. Here are some guidelines you can follow (you may… Read more »

Does YOUR Small Business Need Social Media?

So, what’s all the hype about social media marketing? What is it, and why does my small business need it? Social media marketing is simply using any of the social tools on the Internet to make connections and create online relationships. For a small business – especially a brick and mortar one – it enables… Read more »