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Do You Need Training for Yourself or Your Business?

Darlene Hull can come in for a half-day, whole day, or even conduct a multi-day training program specific to your business and industry.  Here are some ideas:

Social Media Overview

Get clear on how to use social media for your business: what platforms are appropriate, what kinds of posts are necessary on each platform, how to tell if you're getting it right.  This is a four-hour presentation with Q&A and is created specifically for your company.  The training is created as a combination of necessary general knowledge that is infused with the answers to specific questions you and your company have, which are gathered beforehand.

Platform Specific Training

So, you understand Facebook and LinkedIn, but you just can't figure out Twitter?   Do you need help really understanding how sites like Pinterest and Instagram can build your specific business?  Darlene can come in and train you on just that platform.

Social Media Management Training

Are you trying to figure out how to find the time to keep this all ticking?  Need help with automation? Can't figure out how to get something posted every day?  Darlene can come in and help you set up the system, create editorial calendars, and put the necessary automation in place to free you up to simply be social on your platforms.

Call us for details: 403-456-9797

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Private Coaching

Need some one on one guidance?  Stuck trying to figure out how something works?  Want some specific input? Give us a call and we'll set up some individual coaching. This is charged at an hourly rate of  $120 per hour. Minimum 90 minutes required. Call us for details: 403-374-0167

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