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I believe life should be about living fully, constantly learning and growing, and having lots of time to share life with others. That’s why I love being an entrepreneur and why Monday is my favourite day of the week! Over the lifetime of my business I have learned to automate, cut costs, create processes that make the hard stuff MUCH easier, and keep more of the money I earn. In fact, I’m well on my way to having a hands-free business that creates more income than ever. I’d love to show you how to do it in your business, starting with your social media.

Darlene Hull, President & Founder

What We Offer

Staying on top of Social Media can be overwhelming.

Here's how HotSpot Social Media can help!


I will educate you so you know exactly what you need to run your social media.


I can supply social media posts and training as part of a general industry package. See Social Media in a Box For more information.

Custom Posts

I can offer you custom social media posts to keep the continuity going while you continue to do what you do best


Sometimes all you need are automation processes to get your social media running smoothly. We can sit down with you and figure out where to focus your efforts

Speaking and Training

I'm pretty handy with training, facilitating and speaking if that's the need you're trying to fill

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Not sure where to start? Book a 15 minute free consultation to help get you started on the right path.

  • Anita Niven

    Darlene’s book on Twitter helped me get started in the social media world. Now I love it and I can’t thank Darlene enough for her coaching. If you want to get into social media, I highly recommend Darlene, her “don’t be afraid – we’ll figure it out together” approach has made all the difference for me. Happy tweeting, blogging and face booking!

  • Jessica Hagel

    If you need assistance with social media strategy, or just some support in implementing your strategy, please consider Darlene Hull and Hot Spot Promotions! Darlene is both knowledgeable and personable, making strategy meetings a blast and implementation as smooth as possible for her clients. She is easy to get to know and has a great sense of humor. Dar cut to the heart of my social media needs in no time flat and offered a series of solid suggestions, as well as the support to help put them in place. I look forward to working with her more in the future!

  • Julie Ziglar Norman

    “Articulate, confident presenter with clear communication and great humor. The most entertaining social media presentation I have heard.”

  • Pattie MacNeil

    Darlene Hull and her Hot Spot team are social media experts. Not in the way that many people claim to be but in the way you are looking for; neck deep, live it, breathe it understand it social media experts. The workshop was something I recommend whole-heartedly. I learned a ton. Darlene’s workshops are worth every cent. In fact, I suspect you’ll be inclined to want to tip her as you leave because you won’t think you paid enough for what you got.

  • Heather Eigler

    Darlene has loads of energy, is full of great ideas and really takes your best interests to heart. If you need help with your small business marketing please drop her a line!

  • Marcy Field

    Darlene provided an engaging and practical workshop to Wheatland Business Women connecting and providing insightful tips regarding LinkedIn. From those without accounts to those with a moderate awareness of the site, her energetic style and knowledge of this particular social media delivered great value. I highly recommend Darlene and look forward to future engagements with her.

  • Sharolie Osborne

    HotSpot’s Social Media Course was awesome! I knew very little about this vast subject area. Darlene is an excellent teacher with a huge knowledge base. She shares generously and offers follow up assistance. I have gained so much in confidence and expertise. Well worth the investment!

  • Sherry Klimow , http://www.doodadsaccessories.ca/

    Sherry Klimow

    That was a great workshop.  I really felt that I received more than my money’s worth and I’ve never met a more enthusiastic speaker before.

  • Annie Lussenburg

    Darlene helped me to understand the power of social media. She does excellent work, is knowledgable and offers the kind of personal help that makes you feel entirely comfortable with the material, even if it’s all new to you. She is, in a word, terrific.

  • Tina Anderson

    Darlene understands how to juggle and implement effectively and efficiently and could help any business or individual trying to increase online awareness and social marketing presence. She manages several businesses and offers excellent, thorough and precise tools to achieve the desired results. She will go above and beyond and keep going until the job is completed to satisfaction! You’re in good hands with Darlene!