A Business Spring Clean

Every month I set aside one week to put my head down and work uninterrupted.  I book no appointments, no events, no meetings.

That week has arrived.  In fact this month I get two weeks.  Last week was a chance to wrap up a dozen little niggly things, and this week is all about preparing my next quarter.

Q1 for my business was crazy busy, very profitable, and somewhat chaotic.  Now that the dust has settled, I’m clearing the boards, tossing most of my original plans for this next quarter, and spending a serious chunk of time just sitting quietly, thinking, praying, researching, thinking and praying some more.

I have lots of great ideas (too many) and a seriously bloated opinion of my ability to accomplish miraculous and Herculean tasks on a daily basis.  I’m thinking I need to scale back pretty seriously, but I need to do that intelligently, too!

I have some fun ideas up my sleeve:

  1. Better automation where necessary so that my personal presence in any task or meeting comes when it needs to, how it needs to, in order to best serve those who truly want to work with me.
  2. Better systems to plan and organize my day and the routines and processes of my business.
  3. Fun projects to discover exactly what my target market is looking for, and in the exact way they want it delivered.
  4. Scheduling my days/weeks/months in order to have room for emergencies and last minute problems and issues that come up, without needing to sacrifice health, sanity or family.
  5. Creating events, courses, and reports to perfectly support my target market.

A good Spring clean also means actually cleaning my office, my inbox, clearing off my desk, and cleaning out some of my files.  I’m quite excited to get started!

It’s hard for me to not go overboard, but I’m learning.  It’s not about being busy, it’s about being balanced.  I need time for myself, time for my clients, time for my family. I’m not shooting for perfect, I’m shooting for better.  In 3 months time, we’ll reassess!

Do you do any type of Spring Clean or reassessment in your business?  What kinds of things do you do to make it happen?


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