How Long Does it Take?

In this world of instant everything, many businesses think they should be seeing people line up at their doorstep eagerly wanting to buy their product/service within weeks of setting up their marketing strategy. The key to remember here is how long does it take to build a relationship? How long did you date your spouse … Continued

POMWOMI – The Challenge!

HotSpot Promotion is a new company, and we’re working hard to establish our credibility as a group of people who will deliver on our promises.  Like all new companies, it’s hard to get the motor running without a long list of happy customers and positive feedback behind you already.  So, we’ll be Putting Our Money … Continued

Handling Your Own Social Media Without Drowning

Recently I published a post apologizing for my failure to keep up with my regular blogging commitment on this blog.  I know I’m not alone in the small business world of people who sometimes feel overwhelmed by the need to do their own marketing and keep up with their content commitments in business along with everything … Continued

Build Your Business With Foursquare

Business is becoming more and more mobile. People are using their smartphones for searching, researching, and communicating in many more ways than simply chatting or texting. If you’re a “brick and mortar” business, you need to be paying attention. One of the most entertaining ways of getting on board with mobile, is using the “FourSquare” … Continued


One of the first rules of good business is consistency. I tend to be religious about posting blogs on a regular and consistent basis. If you check my history with this blog, though, you’ll see a large gap. I apologize. A few weeks ago we discovered my mother-in-law in N. Ireland was dying. We jumped … Continued

Looking at LinkedIn

Today I wanted to share some ideas for using LinkedIn to expand your business. First, here’s an article from with some interesting LinkedIn Facts: Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members 560,000 professionals are visiting LinkedIn homepage everyday, and the number is still growing 50% of users are business decision makers in their … Continued

What’s All the Fuss About Facebook?

You’ve heard of Facebook, and they say you should be using it for your business, but why on earth would you want to do that?  And if you had a good reason, how on earth would you go about using it? Well, before you jump right in, here are some ideas and things to consider … Continued

Why Do People Use Twitter?

I was listening the other day to a brilliant podcast called “Today in Social Media” and was amazed at some of the stats that were shared on the program .  Take a look at why people log in to Twitter: 42%  log on to Twitter to find out about products and services 42% log on … Continued

What if…?

What if you could gather a huge group of people together who exactly represented your ideal target market? What if you could – without the pressure of sales – simply get to know these people, and understand their hearts, goals, aspirations, frustrations, and ideas? What if you could get some good feedback from these people … Continued

50 Tweetable Ideas For The Small Business Owner

A few months back I signed up for a workshop by Jessica Swanson, and shortly afterwards received one of the most useful newsletters I’ve ever had in my inbox. It was called 50 Tweetable Ideas For The Small Business Owner. This is such a practical article that I’ve copied it here with her permission: One … Continued