Increase Your Income with a Professional Headshot

I have the opportunity this week of training a group of General Managers for in the art of LinkedIn for building their business.  It’s going to be fun – they seem like a great bunch of people! Training others is always a good thing for me because it makes me take a closer look … Continued

I Love Mondays!

It’s Monday. I love Mondays! I love the quiet of an early, undisturbed Monday morning where I can gather my wits about me, get myself grounded, check out what’s coming up and get prepared. I love a fresh week, brand new with no mistakes (yet!)  I love the work I do, the challenges I’ll face, … Continued

Doing the REAL Work

My 7 Day Blogging Challenge is over, and so I’m wanting to get a good blogging rhythm started before the momentum disappears.  My goal with this blog is to write 3x a week.  On Mondays I’m going to try something a little more motivational, on Wednesdays I want to give you practical how-to’s and on … Continued

What Revolution Will I Lead?

Talk about going out with a BANG!  My 7 day blogging challenge ends today with the question “What Revolution Will I Lead?”  That’s a big question, and I’m not sure I can really answer it that clearly. I’m not sure I’ve ever thought about my life in terms of leading a revolution! As far as … Continued

What Difference Do I Want to Make?

This is the question from today ‘s blogging challenge. This is a little difficult to answer in the context of my whole, personal life, but in my business life, it’s easy – I want to be able to offer products, support, and content that will help YOU make a difference with what you’re called to do. The … Continued

What’s This All About, Anyway?

Day five of the Blogging Challenge is about my elevator pitch, or, more specifically, what is the purpose of this blog? My elevator pitch is “I provide painless and profitable social media solutions to small business owners“.  The purpose of this blog is a little bigger than that.  I want to help small businesses do a … Continued

What Am I Most Proud Of?

Day 4 of the blogging challenge asks the question “What Am I Most Proud Of?” and that question is easy!  My family! I grew up a pretty independent, rather selfish sort of a person.  Somewhat wild and impulsive, not very big on the compassion/mercy end of things.  I’m much more of a “suck it up, sister” … Continued

Thank You! Thank You!

Today is day three of my blogging challenge, and the topic is an awkward one…I need to write on the topic “What do people thank you for?”  It feels weird. Here’s the explanation: The point of this question is to give some thought to the ways you help people with your talents, skills and passions … Continued

It Fries My Socks!

Today is the second day of the blog challenge. Yesterday I introduced myself and today I’m supposed to write about something that makes me angry. I don’t get angry often, and I’m not yet ready to deal with highly controversial topics that degrade into hateful comments, so I thought I’d tackle this subject with a … Continued

Who Is This Crazy Chick?

There was a time when I blogged daily, 5 days a week, for years.  It’s been a long time since that was my pattern, and yet blogging is both important to my business and my personal growth.  Over the past couple of years I’ve struggled with getting it done, and I’ve worked myself into a … Continued