Business Fundamentals: Your USP

So what’s a USP? USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition, or Unique Selling Point.  In other words – what’s so special about you? Now that you know who you are, where you’re going, what you’re doing, and who you’re working with. Today’s challenge is figuring out what you’re going to say to those people you’re … Continued

Business Fundamentals: Your Vision and Mission Statement

Hold on to your hats because today we’re going to be creating a mission statement and a vision statement. In other words, we’re going to create a clear path and purpose for your business. Hopefully by now you’re clear on your market and where you’ll be focusing your energies.  Now you need to step back and take … Continued

Business Fundamentals: 3 Questions and Your Target Market

Hopefully you were able to get some great keywords and keyword phrases yesterday that have enabled you to really find your niche.  As scary as it seems, the narrower your niche, the stronger your impact. How to Define Your Target Market Today we’re going to build on that with two exercises. Based on what you … Continued

Business Fundamentals: Find Your Perfect Niche Using Keywords

By Darlene Hull “Let’s Start at the Very Beginning… …a very good place to start…” And so the song goes!  Truer words were never spoken, and I’m telling you that as someone who started in the middle, raced to the end, took several wrong turns, and is now back at the beginning! Sometimes it’s kind … Continued

A Brand New Us!

Well, it’s been a while since my last post.  I actually took a chunk of time off to really think through and analyze what we have been doing, what’s working and what’s not, and where do we need to go in the future. The first big thing is we’ve partnered with iEvolve Designs to handle … Continued

12 Days of Christmas Contest

Woohoo! The 12 Days of Christmas Contest has begun at HotSpot! Choose one task that you need done between now and Christmas Day that takes an hour or less – for example, a new cover for your social media page, a coaching session, a social media audit, 5 custom graphics to share on social media, … Continued

Coolest Little Internet Cafe

Author: Darlene Hull I’m excited to share this very cool little website with you. A fellow eWomen member has put this together, and I think it’s awesome. Allow me to invite you to Hope Café where the tagline is “Brewing Optimism 24 Hours a Day”! Brew yourself a cup of coffee or tea, get comfy, … Continued

The Art of Conversation

Author: Darlene Hull Imagine you’re a guest at a lovely cocktail party. You see dozens of people you know – some personal friends, some co-workers and business associates, and you flitter in and out of conversations that are short, lively, entertaining, and delightful. The next morning you show up at your local coffee bar, and … Continued

Business Startup Basics #6 – Beware the Barter!

Author: Darlene Hull As start ups we often offer to barter our services. We did this quite a bit last year and it nearly killed us. Here’s why: If everyone’s bartering, no one’s getting paid. If you’re not getting paid, you’re not able to hire help. If you can’t hire help you’re doing all the … Continued