Business Startup Basics #5: Creating Residual Income

Many entrepreneurial businesses don’t have a residual income option. This can be hazardous to your health. If you were, for some reason, unable to work, you need to know income would continue to come in even without you being in your office. There’s almost always a way to create residual income from what you’re doing. … Continued

How’s That Customer Service?

Author: Darlene Hull I love it when I have a product/service issue, and I can quickly access a live, English speaking person on the phone. I am adept at customer service via email and social media as well, but in my mind, nothing is quicker than the phone – technically. I thought I’d share some … Continued

Move Your Life Forward With the GradUit Network

Author: Darlene Hull As a small business owner I have spent thousands of dollars on (unfortunately) very inept business coaching. I’m a little “burned”, as it were. I’m also not really a fan of most networking groups – I hate being in a place where everyone’s in it just for themselves. However, I have had … Continued

Business Startup Basics #3: Work the Numbers!

Author: Darlene Hull This strategy will help you create and predict your bottom line. What’s your conversion rate? If you talk to 10 people, how many of them are likely to sign on? What does a client cost you in time and materials both in the prospecting, the product, and in the execution of your … Continued

Social Media or Scam-Media?

Author: Darlene Hull Ok, this is a bit of an awkward post to write, but I feel so strongly that it needs to be written, that I’m going to take the risk. Because I do social media management/strategy/training I often meet people who say “I tried that and it didn’t work”.  The truth is, they … Continued

Concierge – With Flair!

Author: Darlene Hull One of the things I love about my job is that I get to meet a ton of creative business people! Earlier this month I got to meet with a very cool person – Sean Falkenberg of Dynasty Concierge. Now, if you check out that website you’ll see a very “no nonsense, … Continued

Business Startup Basics #2: Don’t Get Locked In

Author: Darlene Hull There are dozens of people out there willing to take your money. Website developers and marketers can be some of the worst for scamming you out of money (yes, I know, I’m a marketer. Many of us are also honest!) My recommendation is that once you have some clients, invest in a … Continued

Ack! What Should I Post? Here are 52 Things to Post on Social Media!

Author: Darlene Hull It’s early morning, and you’re panicking, looking at a blank status update for your Facebook page, cursor blinking.  As a business owner, what can you possibly put in there that will be interesting, engaging, informative, and entertaining for your followers?  What can you post that will grow your business? Social media is all about great conversation … Continued

Getting My Head Straight

Author: Darlene Hull After my wonderful experience at the salon last week, I have decided to continue to showcase brilliant business owners. As an entrepreneur with ADD (I think most of us have it!) I have a ton of trouble keeping on top of the things I need to do.  Part of me believes I … Continued