Business Startup Basics #7 – You NEED a Good Follow Up System

Author: Darlene Hull

Do you follow up with the people you meet? Do you continue to follow up with someone even after they said no?

Do you realize that 80% of sales are made on the 5th to 12th conversation? If you’re not connecting with your prospective client at least that many times, you’re simply a cog in the system that prepares that sale for someone else.

Let me say that again, if you’re not connecting with your prospective client at least that many times you’re simply a cog in the system that prepares that sale for someone else.

You can’t afford to do that!

It’s quite possible that the people you initially meet are not going to be the ones buying your services. However, your best customer might be someone in their circle of contacts. If you’re not top of mind for the people you’ve already met, how will they be able to remember your name and your service if you’re not popping in to say hi on a regular (but not annoying) basis? An even bigger question, how will your name be the first one that comes to mind when someone they know is asking for a recommendation for the service or product you have to offer?

What about those people who did hire you for something and are now “finished” or who never came back. What do you do with them? Do you have a follow up process that sells them into different programs? Or gently keeps you top of mind in case they might need your services later or know someone else who does?

Let me give you some startling statistics:

The statistics show that clients leave you for the following reasons:

  • 1% die.
  • 3% move away.
  • 5% follow a friend’s or relative’s recommendation.
  • 9% find an alternative they perceive to be better quality or value.
  • 14% are dissatisfied with the products or services.
  • And a massive 68% of Clients leave a business because of… indifference. They take their business elsewhere simply because they do not feel valued!

If you have too many clients knocking down your door, and you can’t possibly help them all, this may not be that important. However, if you still need more clients, YOU CANNOT IGNORE THIS!


You need a system for following up!

Follow-up is something that everyone already knows they need to do, but my guess is that fewer than 5% of business owners have a system in place that they consistently follow through with. You need a system that is about 75% automated, and most of what isn’t automated should be able to be handled by a VA or other office personnel. If you can’t afford the help, you simply need to schedule about time after every networking event to get people into the system.

A great follow-up system begins with a way of keeping track of all those business cards so you can quickly recommend your fellow business owners and have the contact info right at your fingertips. Preferably it captures the information quickly and enables you to create a file to upload the contacts right into your contact management system.

You can then quickly and easily send your new contacts an email that says how much you enjoyed meeting them. Once there, you need to quickly send them an email to acknowledge your meeting – don’t sell anything at this point.

You also need to use social media to learn as much as possible about your prospective clients so that you can make them feel special. You need to know what to look for, specifically, in social media, and how to set it up so you can keep on top of your best prospects easily and efficiently.

A good follow up system includes a phone call and/or a face to face meeting from time to time. You need to have a system where you can schedule when, how often, and what to do at these meetings to move the relationship forward to either a sale or a referral.

A good follow up system connects with people on special days – like birthdays and anniversaries – with a real card.

If you have a system in place that does all of this, you will be a star, and your contacts and clients will become your enthusiastic evangelists!

Do you have a system in place? What tools do you use? Share your experiences, tips, and ideas below!


PS – I have a recorded webinar that teaches step-by-step how to set this up. Check it out here: Phenomenal Follow Up

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