The Art of Conversation

Author: Darlene Hull Imagine you’re a guest at a lovely cocktail party. You see dozens of people you know – some personal friends, some co-workers and business associates, and you flitter in and out of conversations that are short, lively, entertaining, and delightful. The next morning you show up at your local coffee bar, and … Continued

How’s That Customer Service?

Author: Darlene Hull I love it when I have a product/service issue, and I can quickly access a live, English speaking person on the phone. I am adept at customer service via email and social media as well, but in my mind, nothing is quicker than the phone – technically. I thought I’d share some … Continued

What Does “Engagement” Mean, Anyway?

Author: Darlene Hull The social media buzz-word of the day is “engagement”. We’re always being told that to be effective on social media we need to “engage”. But what exactly does that mean and how do we do it? First of all let me say that social media engagement is NOT stopping by a new … Continued

Making Money with Social Media

Author: Darlene Hull (photo credit The best test for social media effectiveness in business is hearing the cash register ring. Many people are great at “doing social media” but if the cash register isn’t ringing, there’s a problem. Here are some things you can try with your own social media to hear that lovely … Continued

How to “Like” My Page (Or Anyone Else’s!)

Author: Darlene Hull So, going back to my last post… Let’s replay that rude open house scene in a way that might have been truly beneficial to everyone involved: You have your open house, a stranger comes in with friends and is welcomed. Now, instead of shouting an invitation to everyone in the room and … Continued