It’s All About the Culture

I have the privilege of spending a great deal of time with solo-preneurs and small business owners. I love their passion and enthusiasm, and I love their hard work ethic. If there’s one issue I see over and over in their marketing, it’s the distinct lack of “culture”. Now that’s a nice, trendy word, but … Continued

Small and Narrow

Many of the small business owners I’ve spoken to lately have a similar problem to me.  When asked “What do you have to offer?” they have a long and lovely list of things they can offer and/or do.  And they want the very best for these people so they blurt out the whole list.  However, their enthusiasm and their choice … Continued

A Business Spring Clean

Every month I set aside one week to put my head down and work uninterrupted.  I book no appointments, no events, no meetings. That week has arrived.  In fact this month I get two weeks.  Last week was a chance to wrap up a dozen little niggly things, and this week is all about preparing … Continued

How Your Email Address Reflects Your Professionalism

I’m pretty passionate about good follow up.  I don’t always get it right, but it’s one of my priorities. What’s interesting to me, when I sit down with a new stack of business cards, is seeing the kind of email addresses people use. What horrifies me is when I see business owners hand me a … Continued

Increase Your Income with a Professional Headshot

I have the opportunity this week of training a group of General Managers for in the art of LinkedIn for building their business.  It’s going to be fun – they seem like a great bunch of people! Training others is always a good thing for me because it makes me take a closer look … Continued

Doing the REAL Work

My 7 Day Blogging Challenge is over, and so I’m wanting to get a good blogging rhythm started before the momentum disappears.  My goal with this blog is to write 3x a week.  On Mondays I’m going to try something a little more motivational, on Wednesdays I want to give you practical how-to’s and on … Continued

Business Systems – Finding Your Value

By Darlene Hull It’s important in business to know exactly what value you bring to the market so you can charge what you’re worth.  It’s not always easy to figure out what that magic number is, however.  Most small businesses tend to either seriously undersell or assume a high value that they can’t substantiate.  So … Continued

Business Systems – Cash Flow

By Darlene Hull When we discussed different business models we discussed it in general terms. What we need to discuss now, is how to take those models and create a specific revenue model with them that insures cash flow.  Lack of cash flow is the fastest way to shut down your business or get you … Continued

Business Systems – What’s Your Business Model?

By Darlene Hull When you start out in a new business you have to be clear on your business model. Ideally you have several different distribution channels that you use to share your product or service. For example, perhaps you’re a coach. When people start a coaching business they usually have a personal, one-to-one business … Continued

Business Pitfalls 7- No Follow Up

By Darlene Hull Do you follow up with the people you meet? Do you continue to follow up with someone even after they said no? Do you realize that 80% of sales are made on the 5th to 12th contact? If you’re not connecting with your prospective client at least that many times, you’re simply … Continued