Are You Networking?

Happy New Year! I’m so excited about this new year, aren’t you? So many fresh possibilities ahead of us. Today I want to encourage you to start your year by joining a networking group and helping to turn that group into a thriving, productive place. Here are a few ideas for making it work for … Continued

Who Wants What You’re Selling

On Tuesday we looked at setting up a Basic Target Market. Getting to know what they look like and how much they earn, etc. Kind of a dry picture. Today we’re going to add some “fire” and get into the emotional hot buttons. Now we want to find out WHY your client buys from you. … Continued

21 Ways to Find Leads for Your Business

On Saturday I showed you the Business Success Equation. Now we’re going to start breaking it down and showing you how to do those little tweaks that make such a huge difference. We’re going to start by increasing our leads. Go to the library: Your public library is a HUGE resource for finding leads. Go … Continued