Small and Narrow

Many of the small business owners I’ve spoken to lately have a similar problem to me.  When asked “What do you have to offer?” they have a long and lovely list of things they can offer and/or do.  And they want the very best for these people so they blurt out the whole list.  However, their enthusiasm and their choice … Continued

LinkedIn Power Profiles

My blog is a little late today because I wanted to offer you something special! I have a great little video that I just created called LinkedIn Power Profiles. This past week many people have asked me how to get good traction from LinkedIn. Last week I had the privilege of teaching a group of … Continued

Increase Your Income with a Professional Headshot

I have the opportunity this week of training a group of General Managers for in the art of LinkedIn for building their business.  It’s going to be fun – they seem like a great bunch of people! Training others is always a good thing for me because it makes me take a closer look … Continued

The Art of Conversation

Author: Darlene Hull Imagine you’re a guest at a lovely cocktail party. You see dozens of people you know – some personal friends, some co-workers and business associates, and you flitter in and out of conversations that are short, lively, entertaining, and delightful. The next morning you show up at your local coffee bar, and … Continued

Ack! What Should I Post? Here are 52 Things to Post on Social Media!

Author: Darlene Hull It’s early morning, and you’re panicking, looking at a blank status update for your Facebook page, cursor blinking.  As a business owner, what can you possibly put in there that will be interesting, engaging, informative, and entertaining for your followers?  What can you post that will grow your business? Social media is all about great conversation … Continued

How to “Like” My Page (Or Anyone Else’s!)

Author: Darlene Hull So, going back to my last post… Let’s replay that rude open house scene in a way that might have been truly beneficial to everyone involved: You have your open house, a stranger comes in with friends and is welcomed. Now, instead of shouting an invitation to everyone in the room and … Continued

Facebook vs. Twitter vs. LinkedIn

Author: Darlene Hull The world of social media can be overwhelming. So many places to “show up”. So many things you “need to do” in order to create a proper presence. Where do you start? How do you manage to make it all work and still work your business? For some the solution is to … Continued

Steps to a Dynamite LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is kind of a funny social media platform – don’t you think? It’s a little awkward to use, and much, much harder to build relationships on than, say Facebook. It does have lots of great features, but it’s not as intuitive or as easy to integrate as some of the other social networks. However, … Continued

POMWOMI Challenge, Week 4

So, this is the final week of detailed reporting on Stan Dunster’s Accountability Coach business for our POMWOMI Challenge. We’ll now give you monthly updates, instead of weekly, so you can see how things are progressing. This past week we’ve been tweaking Stan’s followers on Twitter. We’re working to find him a solid group of … Continued