Well, we tried. It was important for us to be able to give a hand up to people who really needed a good start, but couldn’t afford the help. In addition to struggling to finding people who were willing to participate we also found it difficult to keep those we did find, on track. Often … Continued


Well, things are progressing very slowly for Mary. She’s one busy lady! We did manage to meet for coffee and talk in depth about what she’s doing. This led to a complete site redo, and we’ve created new business cards for her as well. The next step is to really clarify who she’s trying to … Continued


Well, here we are beginning the second week of Mary’s POMWOMI challenge. She had a few issues with hosting so we aren’t as far as we’d like, but we have the skeleton of her website finished, and you can see it here: This next week we will be setting up her social media sites, … Continued

POMWOMI Challenge #2 – Meet Mary

This is Mary LeBeau, our second POMWOMI challenger. I met her at a Business Networking breakfast, and as no one else had taken us up on our offer of a free set-up, we offered it to her. Mary is starting up a gift basket and personal shopping business. It’s called “Le Beautique” – a clever … Continued

POMWOMI Challenge, Week 4

So, this is the final week of detailed reporting on Stan Dunster’s Accountability Coach business for our POMWOMI Challenge. We’ll now give you monthly updates, instead of weekly, so you can see how things are progressing. This past week we’ve been tweaking Stan’s followers on Twitter. We’re working to find him a solid group of … Continued

POMWOMI Challenge – Stan Dunster – Week 3

So, here we are on week three already! So what’s been happening? We’ve got Stan’s blog posts programed to post every Wednesday, starting tomorrow. You can catch them here: Stan’s Blog We’ve been working on Stan’s Twitter page. As I mentioned earlier, Stan is NOT computer savvy, and Twitter is still a bit of a … Continued

POMWOMI Challenge – Stan Dunster, Week 2

Here we are at the beginning of our second week of working with Stan Dunster in the great POMWOMI Challenge! Stan kept up with his homework, and, as promised, we have spent the week doing keyword research, and busily setting up his sites. Here’s what we have so far: A new website: A new … Continued

POMWOMI – Meet Stan!

Welcome to the POMWOMI challenge!  I want to introduce you to our first client:  Stan Dunster. Stan is a retired, award-winning high-school teacher and world traveler.  He’s been married for 51 years (!!), has four kids, and 5 grandkids.  He is passionate about goal setting, and has just completed his second life-coaching certification program.  He … Continued

POMWOMI – The Challenge!

HotSpot Promotion is a new company, and we’re working hard to establish our credibility as a group of people who will deliver on our promises.  Like all new companies, it’s hard to get the motor running without a long list of happy customers and positive feedback behind you already.  So, we’ll be Putting Our Money … Continued