Small and Narrow

Many of the small business owners I’ve spoken to lately have a similar problem to me.  When asked “What do you have to offer?” they have a long and lovely list of things they can offer and/or do.  And they want the very best for these people so they blurt out the whole list.  However, their enthusiasm and their choice … Continued

Modern Productivity

I had fun this weekend learning a few things about modern productivity; one of my favourite topics (and often – though I hate to admit it – one of my biggest time-wasting addictions…) I taught an “introduction to social media”  workshop last week for a group of small business owners, and as a thank you … Continued

It’s Monday Morning – Are You Productive?

Is your Monday morning productive? For many, Monday is the worst day of the week. They sleep in on the weekend, get to bed late, and wake up Monday morning without a real focus or clear goals and no tools to be productive. I’m part of the weird set that loves Mondays. This past week has … Continued

Move Your Life Forward With the GradUit Network

Author: Darlene Hull As a small business owner I have spent thousands of dollars on (unfortunately) very inept business coaching. I’m a little “burned”, as it were. I’m also not really a fan of most networking groups – I hate being in a place where everyone’s in it just for themselves. However, I have had … Continued

Getting My Head Straight

Author: Darlene Hull After my wonderful experience at the salon last week, I have decided to continue to showcase brilliant business owners. As an entrepreneur with ADD (I think most of us have it!) I have a ton of trouble keeping on top of the things I need to do.  Part of me believes I … Continued

Failing Forward

Author: Darlene Hull Being sick with a life-sucking flu and an energy sucking cold twice in a single month has forced me to do a lot of sitting and thinking rather than running around with my head cut off, busy, busy, busy in my business and family life. As someone who is pretty much never … Continued

Your Visceral Why

Author: Darlene Hull As I mentioned earlier I’ve been dealing with my “why”. A couple of days ago my father forwarded this video to me, and it really struck a chord. In the MLM business we were always told to “know your why” but it had more to do with cars, debt payment, and more … Continued

Why On Earth?

Author: Darlene Hull I’ve been geting some coaching. Very helpful. Very beneficial. Interestingly enough, all three coaches are asking me about the same thing, but in different ways and for different reasons. Seems the question on the table is “Why on earth are you doing this?” One wants me to think about my business, reach … Continued

Doing the work

Author: Darlene Hull Funny thing about running a business. You have all these dreams and visions. You get your dream board up on the wall. Post your financial goals on your computer, set up shop on a funky new website and wait for the clients. When they don’t come, you start throwing money at courses, … Continued

It’s Time to Sparkle and Shine!

I’m not exactly a domestic goddess. I’m pretty sure I missed that whole package of genes… Cleaning is not my favourite topic, though I love the results of a well-cleaned home. BUT – that’s not the kind of cleaning we’re talking about here today! Today we’re going to clean up our marketing! Now that’s the … Continued