Modern Productivity

I had fun this weekend learning a few things about modern productivity; one of my favourite topics (and often – though I hate to admit it – one of my biggest time-wasting addictions…) I taught an “introduction to social media” ¬†workshop last week for a group of small business owners, and as a thank you … Continued

Move Your Life Forward With the GradUit Network

Author: Darlene Hull As a small business owner I have spent thousands of dollars on (unfortunately) very inept business coaching. I’m a little “burned”, as it were. I’m also not really a fan of most networking groups – I hate being in a place where everyone’s in it just for themselves. However, I have had … Continued

Happy Birthday!

Author: Darlene Hull Everybody loves a party, right? Everyone loves to feel special! Your client is no different, and here’s an incredibly simple way to do it: send a birthday card. I mean, think about it, when you go to your email inbox you’re overwhelmed, and you probably delete a lot more than you read, … Continued

The All New Twitter!

Author: Darlene Hull Well, Twitter came out with a bang on Tuesday! Lots of interesting stuff happening there. One of the most exciting changes is the new header! Now it’s big and bold and wonderful. You have a ton of options here!   Here at HotSpot we’ve been busy revamping our own Twitter header, and … Continued


Author: Darlene Hull Tomorrow morning at 9:00am Mountain time is the “Social Media Intensive” webinar. 6 experts will share their best, hands-on social media tips for gaining new customers and increasing your cash flow. You don’t want to miss it! The topics include: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter (with yours truly!) Blogging Pinterest Putting it all together … Continued

Automating your Social Media

Author: Darlene Hull Sometimes we small business owners need a break. There are just not enough hours in a day to keep everything running if we’re doing it all ourselves. One way to help out is to automate a large part of your social media. Not the engagment part – you need to show up … Continued

Add Some Pinterest to Your Business

A few weeks ago I discovered Pinterest. It’s quickly become my favourite social media tool! What a blast! Of course, being a small business owner, I’m also interested in finding ways to build my business with it without being annoying. My personal experience and the research I’ve done have led me to the following tips: … Continued

I’m Published!!!

On Saturday, February 11th, 2012, I became a published author! My book is: 31 Days to Twitter Mastery Currently it’s on Kindle, and you can get the EPub version on As soon as I approve the proofs (they arrive tomorrow), it will also be available in print on Amazon. The book is intended for … Continued

5 Great Marketing Tips for 2012

Hello! I hope you’ve survived the partying, the overeating, the lack of rest, the awesome excitement, and the general stress and chaos of Christmas! I think I get almost as excited about the New Year as I do about Christmas. I absolutely love new beginnings, don’t you? This year I thought I’d offer you a … Continued

Simple Steps to Effective Market Research

Now that you’ve got a fairly clear picture on who you want to market to, you need to figure out how you’re going to present your amazing offer in a way that has them salivating. This is done through thorough market research. Market research can be a little overwhelming when you’re coming in from the … Continued