This Week in Social Media

Hi everyone! Here’s this week’s list of what’s been going on in social media this past week or so!  Pour yourself a cup of coffee, get yourself a comfy chair and let’s dive in! Social Media News: The Real Reasons LinkedIn Acquired Lynda Facebook Testing Sidebar Status Interesting Data Showing The Worldwide Social Media Trends … Continued

This Week in Social Media

So, here are thing things going on in the social media world this week! What’s new and changing? F8: Facebook Unveils Messenger Platform, Businesses on Messenger Instagram Launches Layout: How Marketers Will Use the New App Social Media Marketing: 5 Reasons Why Every Business Must Embrace Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] Why You Should Be Building Trust, … Continued

This Week in Social Media

Social media changes faster than Calgary’s weather.  It’s hard, even for me, to keep up with what’s going on.  So I thought I’d gather any social media news together once a week to help us all stay caught up so we can do our very best at getting the word out there about our business! … Continued

The All New Twitter!

Author: Darlene Hull Well, Twitter came out with a bang on Tuesday! Lots of interesting stuff happening there. One of the most exciting changes is the new header! Now it’s big and bold and wonderful. You have a ton of options here!   Here at HotSpot we’ve been busy revamping our own Twitter header, and … Continued


Author: Darlene Hull Tomorrow morning at 9:00am Mountain time is the “Social Media Intensive” webinar. 6 experts will share their best, hands-on social media tips for gaining new customers and increasing your cash flow. You don’t want to miss it! The topics include: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter (with yours truly!) Blogging Pinterest Putting it all together … Continued

Great New Learning Opportunity!

Author: Darlene Hull If you’re interested in learning a bit more about social media for your business, and you want more than theory, let me introduce you to Social Media Intensive – a 6 hour webinar over two days that will knock your socks off. This week I’m going to be giving you a few … Continued

5 Reasons Your Social Media Sucks

Author: Darlene Hull I hear a lot of people say that they are giving up on social media because it doesn’t work.  When I go in and take a look, I can usually see quite quickly what’s happened and it tends to be one of these three things: No Plan:  Maybe someone’s told them they … Continued

Automating your Social Media

Author: Darlene Hull Sometimes we small business owners need a break. There are just not enough hours in a day to keep everything running if we’re doing it all ourselves. One way to help out is to automate a large part of your social media. Not the engagment part – you need to show up … Continued

Buy the Book and Get Free Coaching!

Author: Darlene Hull In February I published a book called “31 Days to Twitter Mastery: Creating a Mostly Automated, Highly Effective Twitter Presence for Your Business“. Now I want a chance to offer it to you with a ton of extra value: purchase the book and get 30 minutes of free coaching for your business … Continued