This Week in Social Media

Social media changes faster than Calgary’s weather.  It’s hard, even for me, to keep up with what’s going on.  So I thought I’d gather any social media news together once a week to help us all stay caught up so we can do our very best at getting the word out there about our business! … Continued

The Art of Conversation

Author: Darlene Hull Imagine you’re a guest at a lovely cocktail party. You see dozens of people you know – some personal friends, some co-workers and business associates, and you flitter in and out of conversations that are short, lively, entertaining, and delightful. The next morning you show up at your local coffee bar, and … Continued

Ack! What Should I Post? Here are 52 Things to Post on Social Media!

Author: Darlene Hull It’s early morning, and you’re panicking, looking at a blank status update for your Facebook page, cursor blinking.  As a business owner, what can you possibly put in there that will be interesting, engaging, informative, and entertaining for your followers?  What can you post that will grow your business? Social media is all about great conversation … Continued

The All New Twitter!

Author: Darlene Hull Well, Twitter came out with a bang on Tuesday! Lots of interesting stuff happening there. One of the most exciting changes is the new header! Now it’s big and bold and wonderful. You have a ton of options here!   Here at HotSpot we’ve been busy revamping our own Twitter header, and … Continued


Author: Darlene Hull Tomorrow morning at 9:00am Mountain time is the “Social Media Intensive” webinar. 6 experts will share their best, hands-on social media tips for gaining new customers and increasing your cash flow. You don’t want to miss it! The topics include: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter (with yours truly!) Blogging Pinterest Putting it all together … Continued

Great New Learning Opportunity!

Author: Darlene Hull If you’re interested in learning a bit more about social media for your business, and you want more than theory, let me introduce you to Social Media Intensive – a 6 hour webinar over two days that will knock your socks off. This week I’m going to be giving you a few … Continued

Facebook vs. Twitter vs. LinkedIn

Author: Darlene Hull The world of social media can be overwhelming. So many places to “show up”. So many things you “need to do” in order to create a proper presence. Where do you start? How do you manage to make it all work and still work your business? For some the solution is to … Continued

Buy the Book and Get Free Coaching!

Author: Darlene Hull In February I published a book called “31 Days to Twitter Mastery: Creating a Mostly Automated, Highly Effective Twitter Presence for Your Business“. Now I want a chance to offer it to you with a ton of extra value: purchase the book and get 30 minutes of free coaching for your business … Continued

6 Steps for Breathing New Life Into Twitter

So on my last post I chatted about the new kid on the block, the “ultra sparkly” Pinterest This post I thought I’d balance it out with some great stuff on the “old faithful” Twitter platform. Twitter, while still popular, is very much in Pinterest’s popularity shadow these days, and hardly talked about. That doesn’t … Continued

I’m Published!!!

On Saturday, February 11th, 2012, I became a published author! My book is: 31 Days to Twitter Mastery Currently it’s on Kindle, and you can get the EPub version on As soon as I approve the proofs (they arrive tomorrow), it will also be available in print on Amazon. The book is intended for … Continued