It’s Time to Sparkle and Shine!

I’m not exactly a domestic goddess. I’m pretty sure I missed that whole package of genes… Cleaning is not my favourite topic, though I love the results of a well-cleaned home. BUT – that’s not the kind of cleaning we’re talking about here today! Today we’re going to clean up our marketing! Now that’s the … Continued

Creating Your Web Presence – Part 2

Creating Your Website When it comes to creating a website, you need to invest a lot of care and attention – the right kind of care and attention. Just because someone can code HTML or PHP does not mean they can build an effective website for your business. The website you use to represent your … Continued

Creating your Web Presence – Part 1

Your Domain Name and Hosting If you’ve done all your homework from the past few weeks, you’re ready to go online. First you need a domain name. To improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization – the ease with which people find you when they search for your goods or services on Google) you should try … Continued

Creating Your Online Presence

Today we’re getting back to our series on “Getting Started: Marketing for the Little Guy“. We’ve looked at finding your target market, getting your USP, choosing the right keywords, and today we’re putting it all together by choosing and purchasing your domain name and setting up your website. Lots of information packed into this little … Continued