Social Media in a Box

Social Media Content That’s Practically Done For You

Social Media In A Box is an easy 12-month subscription that gives you access to highly unique social media posts and graphics that are suited specifically to your niche.

Every month you’ll get a comprehensive download that will include…

  • 20 Inspiring Quotes that are converted into stunning graphics! All graphics are created “in-house” and are 100% original!
  • 10 Useful Tips that readers will love!
  • 10 Trivia Statements or other offerings based on your niche!
  • 10 Unique Questions that are topic based to motivate discussions online!
  • 10 Ice-Breaker Questions that are fun and engaging!
  • 10 Fill-In-The-Blank Questions that readers can’t resist

Once you receive all the information above in your monthly downloadable file, all you do is mix in your own promotional content, blog posts (if you run a blog) as well as adding anything extra to it that you think your own readers might find interesting. That’s it!

What have you got to lose?

Now, remember, these posts are not custom designed for you specifically.  We have only customized and designed this content for each particular niche listed below.

Therefore, in order for this content to stay highly unique and not get saturated online, we have limited the sales in each niche topic to ONLY 500 people, worldwide. Once 500 subscriptions are sold to a particular niche, that niche will be closed down. It’s as simple as that! This will keep competition to a minimum. At no time will more than 500 copies be sold in any single stream.

Currently, we are offering the following packages (more will be added soon)

Health & Wellness

Runner athlete feet running on road. woman fitness silhouette su

Here you’ll find great content for chiropractors, massage therapists, nutritionists, wellness coaches, etc.



Weight Loss

The content in this package is perfect for those who run a weight loss clinic, or who sell a weight loss product.



Personal Development 

Man jump through the gap. Element of design.

This package is perfect for people who have businesses like personal coaching or business coaching, or any business that focuses on personal growth.



Personal Finance 


These updates are designed for those like mortgage brokering, investments, financial planning, debt services, etc. (NOTE: these are very general posts about money.  No investment/insurance advice is given)




These updates are meant for those who are involved in gift baskets, greeting cards, flowers, balloons, etc.



Real Estate

These updates are designed specifically for Real Estate agents with tips and ideas on staging, home maintenance, fun questions, etc. All you have to do is add in your homes for sale!



Sustainable Living

These posts are great for those who are involved with sustainable construction, green living, recycling, and the like.





These posts are great for those who are involved with parenting blogs, children’s products, etc.


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